Cognitive Insights Team (CIT)

The CIT is a research and training laboratory created inside the Herbert Simon Society. It is chaired by Riccardo Viale.

It is hosted by Collegio Carlo Alberto of Turin and it collaborates with it in research and academic activities.

It deals with the cognitive and behavioural  approach to public policies and organizations.

It is connected with the main international behavioural insights teams and groups both of governments and universities.

The main references are the Behavioural Insights Group of Harvard University and the Max Planck Institute for Human Development of Berlin.

Its activity includes:

  • Studies on “Nudging” and architectures of choice
  • Studies on Behavioural Insights and public policies
  • Studies on “Boosting” and empowering the citizen’s decision making
  • Studies on cognitive models of public administration
  • Training in risk literacy
  • Training on cognitive approach to public administration
  • Training on behavioural public policy

The main public areas of activity are:

  • Finance and credit
  • Education
  • Transport and mobility
  • Media, truth and fakenews
  • Digital wellbeing
  • Environment and energy
  • Health
  • Taxation
  • Economic development
  • Research and innovation
  • Natural disasters
  • Large infrastructures
  • City planning
  • Consumers protection
  • Competition policy