Centennial of Herbert Simon’s birth

Herbert A. Simon: “The limits of bounds of rationality”

Herbert A. Simon: “A Centennal tribute”
Carnegie Mellon University, School of Computer and Science

Other videos

Max Bazerman on Behavioral Insights and Public Policy
Behavioral Insight Group, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard

Risk literacy: Gerd Gigerenzer at TEDxZurich
Harding Centre for Risk Literacy, Berlin

What is bounded rationality? By Gerd Gigerenzer. Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin
ARC Centre, Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin

“What Behavioral Insight Can Really do For You” Presented by Kim Busse, Key Relationship Manager
Behavioral Insight Team, London

Building a behavioral science start-up at the White House | Maya Shankar, The White House
Social and Behavioral Sciences Team, White House Washington

Nudge in “Large worlds”
Riccardo Viale (National School of Government, Roma and Herbert Simon Society)
OECD-NAEC Lecture, Paris, the 21th of September 2016